Friday, January 31, 2014

2013 Textures

Textures found in my 2013 explorations. 

daydreaming in Tulum


rainbow eucalyptus

footsteps in the sand

watering the garden

Pololu horse


cup of kona coffee

driving in the rain



pacific at sunrise

tree of life

looking up at waimea




Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013 Life Squares

2013 was another amazing trip around the sun for me. I witnessed a lot of beautiful, inspiring moments, whether traveling on assignment or exploring my home by land and by sea, I love documenting the sights I see on my journey. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite shots taken in 2013 with Instagram. See more by following me @oceanelyse.

sunset swim

Earth veins

hiking above the Kalalau

South Point

Tahiti underwater dreamin'


Spitting Caves

Surreal sunrise on our last day in Mexico

just keep swimming

getting lost in backcountry Ka'u

Mauna Loa sunrise

chasing seagulls with Kyla and Naleah

hiking Koko Head at sunset

Mist house

Akaka falls

Makapu'u sand clouds

sundown at sea

Jett chasing birds

Naleah banyan swingin'

Honu 'aumakua

Lion's lair

Yael in Tulum

Preciosa at our Tulum cabana

La Playa

La Mar

Tahiti infinity

going up



epic solo swim days

last light on the Kapahulu groin

shark dream

start of my favorite swim race of the year, Chun's Reef to Waimea Bay

thought bubble cloud



my last sight leaving Kaimana most days after swimming