Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haleakala Sunrise

The morning of our adventure into one of the quietest places on earth, Haleakala Crater on Maui, we watched an incredibly vivid sunrise above the clouds on the summit of Haleakala. There's a reason it means house of the rising sun, it was simply breathtaking.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Micronesians in Hawaii | Honolulu Magazine

Matt and I worked on a story this summer about being Micronesian in Hawaii for Honolulu Magazine. It was a pleasure learning about their culture and how different life is on the tropical islands that make up Micronesia. Full article here.

Josie Howard, originally from Chuuk, is the administrator of the Imi Loa program at Goodwill Hawaii, which offers job training and support to Micronesians

Traditional Micronesian barbequed trigger fish and breadfruit

Chuukese Sisters Etista and Josie make leis

Hellen Tipen, a recent immigrant from Micronesia that now works as a custodian on the streets of Waikiki

Micronesian lei

Micronesian weave art

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saving the Kona Nightingales | Hana Hou! Magazine

This summer I got to work on a really interesting story about rescuing the Kona Nightingales, wild donkeys on the Big Island of Hawaii for Hana Hou! The Hawaiian Airlines Magazine. I off-roaded on the grasslands of Waikoloa searching for feral donkeys with veterinarian Dr Brady Bergin and watched horse rescuer Bird McIver care for the donkeys with such love. It was awesome getting up close and personal with the beasts of burden, they really are curious, smart, and sweet creatures.

Dr Brady Bergin with rescue donkey Daisy and dog Samson

Herd of feral donkeys

Bird McIver works with one of the six donkeys she's rescued at her home in Puna