Saturday, December 29, 2007


Before the storm came, we played in the high surf and dad prolonged his youth with the act of tai chi.  Only a day left on this beautiful isle.. I will miss this energy.

a locals beach on a stormy day

feeling the storm

tai chi tone

tai chi stretch


Friday, December 28, 2007

A Christmas Recollection

Water and lights, friends and family, good times...

crinkled toes into the blue

a girl's feet

point of view of a dust particle floating in a pool

all smiles

one of dad's great pleasures in life- fuzzy christmas lights

twas the night before

twas the morning after

preparing to be full

under invisible mistle toe - part 1

scene at kaimana- christmas morning

nicole's giggle

froggy puppet

under invisible mistle toe -part 2

happy on xmas eve 3

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka!

What a gorgeous Christmas day. I'm sitting here completely stuffed from a very scrumptious meal. Feeling blessed.

A few days ago we went sailing with some friends. Traversing the open seas and exploring the liquid walls of turtle canyon.  Being completely surrounded by blue beauty is a feeling like no other. I am so thankful to experience such wonders in my life.  


diagonal descent

sideways swim


scant torso

bikini and blue abyss

rising towards a breath

black and blue

spear fishing

underwater festivity

tourists without gills

slippery movement

Diamond head from the point of view of a flying fish

rainbow sky line

waiting for bait

a perfect day

men of the boat


shore view

when a family relaxes

seeking shelter

relationship lessons

merry mommy

sun in sleep


rhythm enjoyment

performer pondering

Monday, December 24, 2007

Hawaiian Holiday day 2

A lovely day at Kaimana beach, followed by a Christmas party! Pure jubilee...

dad's view of the world

where I want to be

entering gorgeous

little life

rays playground

with aloha

misshapen mom

floating free father

sun-tanner sister

freckled self

peculiar portrait of Joe

holding on to more


strange touch

almost there

toasting skin

bright sea couple

twisted memory

splash and a hotel

christmas spirit

nicole's feet

jovial from a text message

after the party

worried little elf

engaging noogie

party for peace