Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faces of Faith | Honolulu Magazine

Matt and I loved working on this photo essay, 'Faces of Faith' for Honolulu Magazine. We had so much fun meeting all of these interesting people from different walks of life and learning about their beliefs and spirituality. Check out the individual galleries below to see more pictures from the project.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mormons | Faces of Faith

Elder Jacob Moncur and Elder Stephen Williams, Mormon Missionaries
One of our favorite shoots for the 'Faces of Faith' photo essay for Honolulu Magazine was meeting up with two young Mormon missionaries on the North Shore in the little town of Laie. Both boys are originally from Utah, and while on their mission for two years in Hawaii, they work six days a week, 6:30am to 9pm bouncing from appointments for teaching, doing community service projects, studying the holy scriptures, and knocking on doors to preach the gospel to everyone they meet. The schedule is meant to be all-consuming. "The point, Moncur explains, is to separate from their familiar world of home, friends and family. " Things like talking to our family distracts us from the things we really need to do,” Williams says, “so we only talk to them on Mother’s Day and Christmas. We get to email once a week and that’s it.”

Elder Stephen Williams (L) and Elder Jacob Moncur sit inside a meeting room at the Laie Church of Latter Day Saints.

Elder Moncur and Elder Williams in front of a Jesus Christ statue in space at the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitor's Center.

Everywhere the Elders go, they bring along the Book of Mormon. Inside a portrait of Joseph Smith, original founder of the Latter Day Saints.

Elder Moncur and Williams on their daily ritual of knocking on neighbors doors in hopes of teaching new converts about Jesus Christ and Mormonism.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nun | Faces of Faith

Sister Gioan Linh Nguyen, Catholic Nun
We photographed Sister Linh praying in the convent and chapel at Paulines Books and Media, where she lives with six sisters in downtown Honolulu. She follows the order of the Daughters of St Paul, following the Blessed James Alberione, Apostle of Communications. Photographed as part of our photo essay 'Faces of Faith' for Honolulu Magazine.

“Living in poverty and simplicity is easier,” says Sister Linh Nguyen. I don’t have to think: What should I wear? Does this match?”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rastafari | Faces of Faith

Ras Mikey Gamboa, Rastafari
Matt and I had an awesome time jammin' with Rastafari's Ras Mikey, Jah Angelo, Jammah, Rastar, and Ras Iesus in Mikey's backyard in Palolo Valley for our photo essay 'Faces of Faith' for Honolulu Magazine. We listened to their melodic drumming and spiritual chanting Nyahbinghi an African tradition of worshipping Jah. Check out Ras Mikey's music here. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buddhist | Faces of Faith

Ajan Impeng, Buddhist Monk
Matt and I photographed Ajan inside the prayer room at Wat Lao Sithammaram Temple where he lives in Waipahu, Hawaii for the photo essay 'Faces of Faith' for Honolulu Magazine.

"The life of a Buddhist monk is a practice in simplicity, each day a succession of chanting, teaching and meditation."

Pastor | Faces of Faith

Pastor Mike Lwin, New Hope Christian Fellowship 
We photographed Pastor Mike Lwin praying and spreading the gospel at New Hope Leeward mega church in Waipahu, Hawaii for the essay 'Faces of Faith' for Honolulu Magazine.