Monday, January 28, 2008

Inspired by...

I've decided after many months of showcasing my own images- I will begin to showcase an artist I have been inspired by each week. So here goes...

These brilliant pieces are by a dear friend of mine, Noelani Malley. We grew up together and spent years of high-school locked up in the darkroom of our photography class. She has developed a gorgeous eye.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Encounters with Mother Nature & my ally Lucas

Betsy reversed

Our dear friend Lucas came down to Ocean Beach for a visit. It was a blissfully long weekend searching for soulmates, staring at seals, meeting with pelicans, feeling the spray of ocean on our faces and the earth under our toes.

soulmate season

deep in his glow

three traveling free

tracing his finger along the history of Earth

boys in an alley

peculiar pelican

palm reading on a pier

no expression

textures on your toes

exploring the uninhabited

wave breath

a distinct head in a distinct town


childhood aspirations of dove catching 

seagull stroll

detail of a gorgeous creation

low tide and deep shadows

ocean as a bathroom

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"All good things come to those who wait"

Patience paid off as our continually delayed flights out of Iowa gave us the gift of a first-class trip. The act of weather is lovely.

a misty outlook

drips of earth 


a first-class view

A black dog, an empty town & a cozy farm house

The empty snow covered roads of rural townships lend me new eyes.

four-way Betsy (inspired by the original Mallams)

my perception of his perception

the untouched roads

dusk preys upon an empty church

a telling memorial

emotion in the curtains

a country family portrait

the veins surrounding Mt. Pleasant

the size of a post office when the population is 130 

a store-bought reflection

before the drive

black curves on white land

how a dog reacts to a camera

solitary tree

A fine day for a Caucus

Day of the Iowa caucus. I had hoped to make some images of presidential hopefuls but most were finally resting after many long months of coercing people to vote for them. We tried to see Edwards speak to his Iowan supporters for the last time, but thanks to slick roads, bad directions, and parking meters- all we saw was him get on his tour bus. Later we arrived at "Caucus for Barackus" a name some friends made up as they played tunes that reminded me of Pink Floyd to a room of young Obama hopefuls that were 'fired up'. I later realized what a caucus essentially was, the patient people of Iowa that were eager to stand in a room for the candidate of their choice. A strange way to go about things, i thought. We sat in a bar downing beers and playing pool as Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus. Obamanation! The people were happy, a friend with a Ron Paul pin on his shirt was certainly shunned. I felt like I was a part of a curious moment in political history. 

As you can tell, political photography is not my expertise, I'd rather hang out with gravestones. Thinking back on how these souls could have been the young hopefuls caucusing for who they believed  should rule the United States for the next 4 years. I wondered who they would have chosen, what they believed in, what were their "values" that so many today base their votes upon. If they voted based solely on a candidates religious belief? If they believed that the world was only 6000 years old? Would they ban two people to love each other simply because of anatomy? How would they feel about war? I suppose these are our fathers and mothers.. their creation of life led us to have our own opinions and beliefs. I wonder if nations of the future will think back on this period of time and wonder.. what were they thinking? 

a nice moment edited strangely

creator of OBAMANATION

people watching

who lies underneath it all

with open arms

who we pin on a cross

hold it close to your heart

outside a friendly bar

Freezing on a Farm

I went from the warm breezes of island life to the bitterly cold winters of a small farm community. The low was 8 degrees below and it was hard to even think outside when more than an inch of your skin was showing. I wanted to build an igloo.

keep on trucking

endless drifting

where a tractor once plowed

cold cattle

Mallams Estate

where's the gravel?

the feeling of blue snow

like the crescent of a wave

one day it will melt it all away