Monday, August 27, 2007


Had an amazing dream last night. I touched Mars. I can't begin to explain the emotions that ran through me and what an exhilarating experience it was.

We heard that Mars was going to be its "closest" to the Earth that it had been in hundreds of years- that it would be the size of the moon- that it would be marvelous. Though it may have been a hoax in "reality" - in my version of the real- it happened.

My roommates and I went outside to see the phenomenon,  I was skeptical. Then as we stared up hopefully at the night sky, the moon glowed and slowly a giant red sphere unraveled itself from behind the Moon's glory. Mars was huge, and it had come out to play. It was the size of a rising moon, seeming huge to that naked eye. We were in awe. My roommates quickly ran to get a pen and paper to write down their perception of this beauty, I yearned to get my camera but did not want to miss one second of this magnificent feeling, knowing well that my tool could never truly capture a moment like this. All of a sudden, the world dropped away from around us. It was only us, surrounded entirely by the Moon and Mars. They were gigantic, a planet- only 5 feet away from you. The world around us become dark and we glowed from the surface of the Moon, the stars shown brightly from far away, glimmering in the mystical darkness. Mars was a deep red. A weathered red like the core of the earth, like decayed lava, like the desert clay covering Moab, Utah. I felt every crevice, gazed into every crater, felt the lines of it's skin and nestled my hands into the wet soil and burning hot embers. Flowers grew on Mars! A little pink patch of wildflowers, with green stems and rosy petals, and yarrow and fern! I grabbed at each leaf, taking pieces of the land for a memory. I felt the soft fur of the leaves. I held on and Mars continued to revolve. My hands guiding it back to it's path, back to its home behind the Moon. The Moon was grand as well. Each dent and shadow of its glow so visible. It watched down on us as we bathed in it's nurturing light. We were in awe. There were no words to describe this feeling. To feel connected. To feel loved. To feel so inspired to your utmost breaking point, like you are about to spill open from all of the emotions encapsulated in your body, swimming out through your pours and pumping through your veins. Intense. Mars continued on his revelation around us and creaked slowly back behind its Mother- the Moon. The whole experience though meaningful as a lifetime, lasted only a minute. Our transcendent space world melted away and we returned home. Crazed thoughts and feelings dancing through our head, excited us to be alive and what's to come.

It makes me want to be an astronaut.

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