Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flux of Life

Change is in the air.

Watching the tides roll in and out to sea, thinking about the future. How much will change and what will stay the same? The possibilities! Excitement. Fear. Hope. Anticipation. To remember to enjoy the moment for it is always on the brink of changing yet again. Yearning for stability and wanting the life unstable. Unsure. Desire. The need to flow like water, to go with the wind and the tides- with the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. To move forward when you might not be ready. To go for the sake of love. To change for the sake of change. God only knows what will happen tomorrow! Remembering to keep a blissful outlook on each moment and be able to fall in love every day. Find inspiration in the mundane. To not think anything is mundane. Laughter when it hurts. To feel before thinking and act before questioning. To hold it inside just to let it all out. To feel the change amidst the chaos of everything and be able to enjoy. Dream of what is to come and create the future.

fly like color

dinosaur skeleton

azure move


swirls of ocean

a friend in the night

two trees and a car

splashing back

exclamation point

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