Friday, August 24, 2007

Christine Renee Maier

Years ago, one of my best friends, Precious, and I decided we were going to play rugby. We were the first girls "tough enough" to play on the Maryland Exiles rugby team. Sometime after that, two girls showed up to practice- Christine Maier and Rosemary Sharpe. They said that they too wanted to play Exiles rugby. Hesitant at first, their giggly personalities and quickness grew into all of our hearts. This began a great friendship that all of the Exiles shared with one another. Playing rugby was one of my favorite experiences yet in my life. The Exiles team affected who I am as a person deeply and the friendships that have formed with those teammates will forever be a blessing to me.

A couple of days ago I received a voice message from my friend Precious while I was at work-

Christine is dead.

Only 19 years old, Christine passed away in a house fire sometime in the early morning hours on August 18. She died with her boyfriend Kennedy Fitzgerald and his sister Maggie Fitzgerald. Rosemary was there too. The flames were too big and the girls voices could only reach so far. Two friends jumped out of a window, two others ran out the front door. Kennedy and Christine had gone upstairs to watch a movie a while before, Maggie had just returned from a concert. Perhaps Christine slept peacefully through it all. I hope so. Or was she awake? Did she know what was going to happen to her that night? I can't get the image out of my head. Being burnt alive. What an awful way to die. She was such a beautiful, amazing human being. Christine was one of those people who was just happy, she always had a smile on her face, she had dreams and aspirations, she had friends and family who loved her deeply. It seems so strange that this was her time. She is a beautiful soul.

Since that fateful day I have thought about it alot. I think of how hard this must be for Rosemary, her best friend in all the world. How hard it must be for her brothers and sisters and parents. It doesn't seem like a reality. Like it is just some dream. I think it is the way she dies that hurts the most. Now only her ash and memories remain. There is nobody to say goodbye to. I can only hope she is able to see how many people cared deeply for her and how much she will be missed. She's probably smiling down on us right now.

an image from a journal I made for the family- full of fond memories.

(i did not take these photos)


Unknown said...

Hi, lovey.

This is beautiful, Elyse! After reading about Christina, a girl I have never known an inkling about, she is in now very much in my heart now. You put her there.

I truly believe that, though Christina may not be here in the "physical" form, she is still here. Maybe she was called on a spiritual mission that required her to leave this human form. Or, think of this, maybe she will manifest into someone's spiritual guide, able to channel all the her passion, dreams and verve still.

She's still here, Elyse. Believe in her Be, whatever form, and you will sense her vividly and alive.

Thank you for sharing your heart and consience with the world, Elyse.

I Love You, Mamah!

Your-Kayla said...

Thank you.


I am sorry.


She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for recording your thoughts on Christine. It means so much to me


Beth Maier (her big sister)

Anonymous said...

I saw Beth on Say Yes to The Dress and then found this. I'm so sorry for this tragedy, but found peace in what you wrote.

Gloria Maier (Christine's other big sister) said...

Like Beth did two years ago, I just found this online. Elyse, I was home the day your photo journal arrived and I opened it with my parents. It was such a kind thing for you to do, and it really showed us what we knew already: that Christine was very special and had touched many people with her unique charm beyond our family circle. Reading your blog post (even years later) reinforces this. Thank you, and I hope you still keep her in your thoughts.

Devin Maier (brother) said...

Just found this. Thank you Elyse.

Devin Maier (brother) said...
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MissLadyMo said...

This is an absolutely beautiful tribute! Death affects people so differently and is, sometimes, very slow to process. I lost 2 friends, on separate occasions, and my dear grandmother had a major stroke, all when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was so hard to deal with mentally and I think I shoved a lot of it down because I had to get through it for my daughter. In the last year, the "why's" creep in. Reading this is so helpful to know I'm not alone. Thank you so much!