Saturday, July 14, 2007

What creates in years past

Piopiotahi. Fiordland. Milford Sound.

This place creeps up on you, driving for hours through the wet mist, the sound of raindrops patter against the shield of the auto as tourists desperately grab for their cameras to get that one perfect shot. The sun shines through heaps of billowing clouds and scorches the golden prairie. We hold out our tongues to feel the crystal clear water drizzle down our throats and we all look at eachother, strangers at first but connected through this one feeling of awe. The mountains glare down at you, they shimmer in the light and shiver in the dark. As the rain pours down, hundreds of waterfalls begin to appear through each crevice of these sheer rocks. You feel as if you are surrounded by water, it is not only in the air, it penetrates your skin and bleeds through your pores. You are moist. Being totally encompassed by the grand pulchritude of this ancient place makes you feel the interconnectedness of all of this, of everything. To be filled with this deep sense of gorgeousness you must see it with your own eye. Millions and millions of years ago this place was a massive glacier, carved out by the water, and it is now home to the lushest of rainforest, the wettest days in all of New Zealand, and extraordinary marine life that frequent the waters. It is truly tapu.


keep falling on my head

golden storm

point and shoot




wind breaker




gloom and a rail

a telling foot


the tourists stop



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yoon said...

umm...absolutely gorgeous. geez, you make me feel like a slacker.