Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

My love, sleeps next to me right now.. I think back to the home videos that were shown to me on my past visit to his home, the quaint town of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. The family's nearest neighbor lies 1/2 a mile away and every morning his father and grandfather awake to begin the daily life of a hog farmer. They live in a house that they have all grown up in, generation after generation. The summer heat is sweltering and to cool off, teenagers get tubes from the local Walmart and slide down Skunk river. On your way you pass a graveyard with a tombstone the shape of a fist- a local party kid that drowned in the river, his friends still come to leave drugs in the hollow of the grave, 30 years later. His childhood friends meet up together to play frisbee golf and jam together in a band, called the "treats". We drive through seemingly abandoned roads only to find ourselves at the zoo. We visit Eldon, Iowa to see the original home of the American Gothic painting- a woman lives there and keeps the curtains shut for every tourist that comes to photograph themselves. Writing to paint a picture which I may not portray through the photographs below.

Mating Dance


I Met a Man


Cool Air

Cowan's Persona


Summer Goodnight

Caged In

The Landlocked Jelly


Farm Dreams atop a Roof

Suburban Drama

An American Gothic

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