Thursday, July 19, 2007

Through the Looking Glass


So many times do we look through a window and witness true beauty. Driving through the countryside every day in New Zealand I felt completely serene. The warm meadows and deep azure skies contrasted each day with pouring rain and golden streams of light breaking through heavy clouds. My heart felt at home.

A piece of glass is an incredible thing. With the potential to be created through a bolt of electricity, and made from a tiny piece of earth- we take it too often for granted. I am amazed by the creation of this clear solid. These images are a compilation of views from a window. What you see passing by..


a color double

roaming taurus

my childhood giants



scene from a car



grazing wool

through a window

golden movement taped


full billowed mountains

open prairie

darkness falls

sideways rain


Anonymous said...

a color double

Faint above the rainbows, are lines of power, hidden 'rainbows' of electricity, a touch of mankind in a scene of nature, still togther in nature's order. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

my childhood giants

Monuments to Lord Shiva, sentinals of our age holding together across the land. Quiet giants!