Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digging Through Time | Hana Hou! Magazine

This summer I had the enormous pleasure of exploring inside the 10,000 year old Makauwahi Cave in the Māhāʻulepū Valley of Kauai, with David & Lida Burney, paleoecologists who discovered the cave and have reforested the area with its native plants. Check out the current December/January Issue of Hana Hou! the Hawaiian Airlines Magazine to see the full story.

Alula is an endangered species and native plant in the Makauwahi Cave.

Burney claims the Māhāʻulepū Valley, is named after this rock.

Maiapilo is an endemic species to Kauai and a native of the Makauwahi Cave.

A ladder leading down to one of the deep mud pits where they dig.

Comparison of two foot bones found at the cave, the extinct giant flightless duck Turtle Jawed Moa Nalo and a rooster, inside on the cracked ground.

View from above.

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katie said...

what a sweet assignment! love lots of these... especially the ladder going into what looks like water? nice stuff...