Monday, December 10, 2007

new beginnings..

Lives are constantly changing. We are thrust into the emotional dance with the universe as we grow and become our future selves. A couple awaits the birth of their family. A nervous friend anticipates life after rehabilitation. Online lovers meet in person for the first time. A starfish finds it way home. New memories created at every turn...

hectic embrace

one thousand steps


lucid wormhole

a vegetarian crush

social mariposa

present happy

sharing love stories

and the stork came..

home again

replacing addictions

high school memory


Lucas said...

Yay. Simply put.
Who's the guit-fiddlist?
Tell me ther'll be a complete photo essay of Iowa Times.
I'll give you a buck and some strawberries for a few pix of M'Mum.

Your-Kayla said...

Starfish photographs very much so.

Starfish can teach us a few things...