Monday, December 24, 2007

Hawaiian Holiday day 2

A lovely day at Kaimana beach, followed by a Christmas party! Pure jubilee...

dad's view of the world

where I want to be

entering gorgeous

little life

rays playground

with aloha

misshapen mom

floating free father

sun-tanner sister

freckled self

peculiar portrait of Joe

holding on to more


strange touch

almost there

toasting skin

bright sea couple

twisted memory

splash and a hotel

christmas spirit

nicole's feet

jovial from a text message

after the party

worried little elf

engaging noogie

party for peace

1 comment:

Your-Kayla said...

A w w w

Your sissy looks so happy ! ! !

I love holding on for more and your self portrait in freckles.

Thank you for sharing life on your isle.

With us.