Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank You

A beautiful day of blessings.

Funny how there's just one day a year that we all get together to say thanks.
We should be more thankful.

Lucas take 1

Lucas take 2

that which divides us

four men walking


dog beach

the lotus street stretch

two and a beach

sand canvas


Lucas said...

We all so coooooool!!!
Thank you, and him, and him and him. And her and her sister. They all so cooooool!!!

Your-Kayla said...

I can see (it)...

Four men walking : I love, love, love (that's three loves) that one.

Wait, four loves. Four men walking...


Laura said...

"Funny how there's just one day a year that we all get together to say thanks."

Very true, Elyse.
So, when do you want to have another Thanksgiving before next November... whenever you come visit? Huh, huh, huh???

My favorite picture is the Birds of Paradise in the window with the other plants. Is that your house window? Whose is it? I love....

I love your photo-updates. I love the little insights you incorporate into your writing, even into the way you word your captions.

You feed me with the way you view your world. Good food in the belly all the time. Thank you for your nourishment.


Rhett said...

Hi Lysee, Love the birdparadise picture, so simple and beautiful. reminds me of your wonderful hale.