Thursday, November 29, 2007

dreamer of yesterday

The moon exploded in my dream last night.. thousands of pieces of this massive gorgeous scattered through the universe, lighting up the night sky as we laid on the concrete driveway and drew each other in pastel chalk. I scrounged for pieces of this white rock.. some hot, squishy, rough and new all at the same time. Little white molten lava. They warmed my pocket as we drew in the beauty. A plane crashed overhead into nothing. Fire filled the sky and lit all of the shiny new rocks with a red vibrance of love and the universe was putting on a show for us. We cried, screamed, hid, and felt the bliss of surprise and the unpredictability of feeling and moment in life. Realizing how very infinite and microscopic it all really is. We tried to reach out... but it only felt farther away. Families cuddled up on the slowly cooling driveway, wishing for tomorrow to come. I sat and dreamt in thoughts of yesterday and smiled up at all of the cheshire cats in the sky.


Lucas said...

Another victory for our Ebyl-yse!
You got a dang pretty voice. How come you don't sing more often?

nicole said...

word to what lucas said. I love your words Miss Butler!