Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beach Access | Hana Hou! Magazine

All of O'ahu's beaches are open to the public, if you know how to get to them, you can see some of Hawaii's most exquisite landscapes. As a beach lover, it was a lot of fun heading to some of my favorite locations on the island for this Hana Hou! Magazine assignment about a new guidebook, O'ahu Beach Access. The book details eighty-nine public right-of-ways located all over the island and is a must have for anyone wanting to explore O'ahu's gorgeous coastline.

Shark's Cove

Chinaman's Hat

Waimanalo Beach

Mokuleia Beach

Barber's Point

Sherwood Forest, Waimanalo



Pathway to Waimanalo Bay

Waimanalo Beach



China Walls


Spitting Caves

Chinaman's Hat

Ewa Beach

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Beautiful work, Elyse :)