Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rainbows | Hana Hou! Magazine

We were chasing rainbows all last year for this Hana Hou! Magazine feature story. I studied the weather and watched the radars to help detect where and when I needed to be at unique locations on the island to see vibrant rainbows appear. Even though we live in the Rainbow State, and see rainbows quite frequently compared to mainland US, it was challenging finding these brilliant bows in picturesque settings and made me truly appreciate each rainbow I now see.

Rainbow spray in a wave at Kakaako
over Diamond Head
at Queen's Beach
Kaneohe Bay
Rainbow made from water spray


Maunalua Bay

look up

along Tantalus
Double rainbow over Honolulu
In the palms after a swim

Kaimana Beach



He'eia pier at Kaneohe Bay

Watering plants


Kent Nishimura said...

Elyse, these are wonderful! breathtaking...even for a local who's lived here 99% of his life. love your and Matt's work. cheers!


Elyse Butler Mallams said...

Thanks so much Kent!!