Monday, August 6, 2012

Nicole + Justus

My dear friends, Nicole Prince and Justus Keliehor, recently gave birth to their first son, Jett Michael Ea, here on Oahu. I'm always taking pictures when we're together, so I've documented this journey they've taken the past 9 months while hanging out at beaches like Portlocks and Makapu'u, going on hikes, and now relaxing at home with their newborn. I was also by their side through the birth of their son, and will be posting about that miracle soon.

Swimming at Portlocks 1 week before Nicole gave birth to baby Jett

When Nicole and Justus first started dating, just a summer afternoon at China Walls

Couple months pregnant, Tantalus Hike

One week before Nicole gave birth at Portlocks

At Portlocks the first week they found out Nicole was pregnant

Seven months pregnant swimming at Makapu'u

The happy couple at their Baby Shower at Kapiolani Park

Feeling contractions in the ocean at Portlocks

At home with baby Jett, only days old.


Unknown said...

How amazing Elyse!!! What a beautiful gift to have documented such a wonderful relationship that is just beginning!! Congrats Nicole and Justus!!

Christelle said...

These are so great, I'm so happy you've been documenting and I've been able to feel a part of the journey.

Elyse Butler Mallams said...

Thanks so much girls!!