Monday, May 21, 2012

Pele + Pa'i Awards

Matt and I were thrilled to win in the Pele and Pa'i Awards for our work with Hana Hou! The Hawaiian Airlines Magazine.

2012 Pele Awards
Hana Hou! - BRONZE ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING – Photography Campaign “Quiet” by Elyse Butler & Matt Mallams
Hana Hou! - SILVER COLLATERAL MATERIAL – Publication Design – Editorial Feature “The Book of Fortunes” by Elyse Butler & Matt Mallams

27th Hawai'i Publishers' Association Pa'i Awards
Hana Hou! - First Place Sports Photography - "The Lotus Blossoming" - by Elyse Butler & Matt Mallams

Judges comments - 'Impressive. From the photography to the typography, this is an impressive package. I'm so glad to see coverage of non-traditional sports. The technical quality of the images is stellar as is the composition. But each image has a complex storytelling capacity that contributes to the overall package. Strong work.'

Congratulations to all fellow winners in our Hana Hou! and Honolulu Magazine Ohana!

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Cayce Smith said...

Wonderful! You guys deserve it, your work is beautiful!