Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eddie Aikau Big Wave Opening Ceremony

I was stoked to see some of the world's top big wave surfers and experience the mana at the opening ceremony for The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Invitational. The revered Hawaiian surfing contest has only been held eight times during the last 27 years, when that magic happens and gigantic +20' waves roar into Waimea Bay, Oahu. The holding period runs through February 29, 2012 so let's hope some big swells head towards the island for an epic surfing event.

Sunny Garcia

Ben Wilkinson

the prayer circle

Makua Rothman

Mark Healey

Ian Walsh

Tom Carroll

Noah Johnson

Ramon Navarro

"Eddie had a passion. He had a passion about living and loving the ocean. Whether you surf or you don't surf, you are drawn to people like Eddie in life. People with big mana (spirit). We have to remember, and we cannot forget, someone who lived this way. Eddie never left people behind. It was his way. We need that in this life, especially now. It's a way to surf; it's a way to live." - Hawaiian Kahu Priest Billy Mitchell speaking at the ceremony

Jamie Sterling

Jamie Mitchell

Kelly Slater

Derek Dunfee

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