Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Haleakalā Adventure

Fun photos from our journey searching for Quiet in Haleakalā Crater, Maui.
Map of the trail
Matt freezing cold watching our first sunrise above the clouds
Hitchhikin' to the trailhead
Topographical Map of Haleakala National Park
Heading down Sliding Sands Trail

Looking back to where we came from
Walking across the crater floor

Setting up camp

Our tent at Holua Campgrounds

Watching the sunset at Holua
Hiking up the Halemau'u Trail
Enjoying the view along the Ko'olau Gap
Matt exhausted and thankful to be back at our car
Relaxing after the hike

Love the feeling of being above the clouds.

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Mikayla said...

You two are awesomeness.