Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Is Robert Lee?

My partner, Matt Mallams, and I were hired by Honolulu Magazine to photograph 9 different Robert Lee's around town in Oahu. Robert Lee is the most common name in the phone book here in Hawaii but each Robert, Bob, & Bobby we met were quite different characters. We had a blast collaborating together and getting to know all of these great guys. If you're in Hawaii, pick up the latest October Issue of Honolulu Magazine to see our spread or click here to see the article online.

And here's a few outtakes that didn't run and some favorites that did...


Josh D. Weiss said...


I was wondering if I could feature this photo:

in my Photos of the week roundup I do on my photoblog ( I'd include your photo credit and a link to your blog/website. Please let me know if this would be a problem or not.

Thank you,
Josh D. Weiss

willa Kveta Photography said...

Absolutely Awesome! You two continue to amaze me! I love how they put the article together!!! Very cool! Love you!

Nicole said...

So beautiful!