Friday, August 8, 2008

Seven days with sisterly love

I was blessed being able to spend dear time with great friends and the two beautiful babies better known as Naleah & Kyla. They just turned six months old.... I recently learned that in Bali when a baby turns six months old it is the first time in their life they are able to touch the ground. They are considered Gods before they reach this age and only at six months they become human and are allowed to touch the ground for the first time. Naleah and Kyla have always been playing, sleeping, and crawling on the ground but now these gorgeous Gods are officially human! How exciting....

holding on to something more


pacified at dusk

watching the gardener

morning shadows

feet on the face


a home filled with love


seeing double

posing at the picnic

wanting to be held

relief of being held

exploring reflections

the last morning

first shot from the trip


lost in thought

afternoon nap

reaching for toes

twins tush

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Your-Kayla said...

Afternoon nap is gorgeous. I love these. What beautiful lives!