Friday, April 4, 2008

Inspired by...

...the idea of inclusion & the Habib Family.  

I had the pleasure of seeing Dan Habib's heart-felt documentary, "Including Samuel," about the social and educational inclusion of disabled youth as a civil rights issue. If you have not seen it yet... I highly recommend it. Seeing Dan speak is truly inspiring; he is the kind of person you cannot help but be filled with happiness that you are surrounded by his warm presence and insight. Alongside him was Keith Jones, a disability rights activist and hip hop artist, who has quick wit and a wonderful state of mind. It's a film that's a wonderful starting point for discussion about including disabled people into every day life.

I feel now that it is an absolute necessity that we get to the point where we all look at each other as people.. with all of our imperfections and perfections... no one better or worse... to be nice towards each other- not because it is the 'nice' or 'right' thing to do.. but because you are an authentic human being ... that you don't even sense each person's differences as a compliment or a downfall to their being.. but just that they are who they are.. wonderful in their own right... I think we all need to take the idea of inclusion into our hearts for us to become a society of compassionate human beings. 

So, go to the website... .. find a screening near you- and go see it! Seeing sunshine pour from Samuel's smile was incredible and the enduring love that Isaiah (Samuel's big brother), Dan & Betsy have for this amazingly determined and happy boy was gorgeous to experience. It's not a film to miss.. go and be moved..

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