Monday, January 21, 2008

Encounters with Mother Nature & my ally Lucas

Betsy reversed

Our dear friend Lucas came down to Ocean Beach for a visit. It was a blissfully long weekend searching for soulmates, staring at seals, meeting with pelicans, feeling the spray of ocean on our faces and the earth under our toes.

soulmate season

deep in his glow

three traveling free

tracing his finger along the history of Earth

boys in an alley

peculiar pelican

palm reading on a pier

no expression

textures on your toes

exploring the uninhabited

wave breath

a distinct head in a distinct town


childhood aspirations of dove catching 

seagull stroll

detail of a gorgeous creation

low tide and deep shadows

ocean as a bathroom

1 comment:

Lucas said...

If any Soulmates happen to contact you by way of this website, please-forward, forward, forward. Nice work. Thanks for the weekend!