Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Evacuation and the Govenator

Hundreds of thousands of people fled their homes these past few days as wildfires raged throughout San Diego county and Southern California. So far thousands of homes have been lost to the flames and families across San Diego are now homeless. One place to seek refuge was Qualcomm Stadium, where thousands of people came for food and shelter. Times there were actually lighthearted, considering the circumstances. Clowns entertained, bands sang, families watched movies on the big screen, people eased their stress with the help of yoga classes and acupuncture, children had their faces painted and ran around with balloons, women sorted through donated clothing- seeming as though they were shopping at a department store, the media frenzied, and the masses crowded around governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anderson Cooper, and Katie Couric. The people of this community really came together to make their neighbors feel their support and I have never before seen such compassion from so many individuals at once. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your home, at a moment's notice, just disappeared. I can only hope that everyone affected in this tragedy will soon feel at home again.

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Your-Kayla said...

Awww... this is so sad.

I do need to talk to my sissy tomorrow and ask her how she feels about this. It was strange the first time I heard of a fire in California. It is a new tragedy for me. Their loss is huge.

It is so strange seeing Anderson Cooper in a photograph of yours for some odd reason, and I don't know what that reason is.

It's always a journey to see your photographs Elyse. The fourth and fifth one down are my favourites.